Mary Releases April 1st & Double Door in Chicago / by Dave Howard

Introducing Mary

Hey Everyone, it's been too long. It's been too long since the last email, the last show, the last song. I'm planning on changing all of that this year.

I've been fortunate to spend some studio time in Cedar Rapids, IA with my friends and producers Dick Prall ( & Tim King (Crown Studios) We've started a project that will release a new song every month for the next six months starting this Friday, April 1st withMary. I wrote this song with Chris Webb last year.  A special thank you to Kristina Priceman for her 17 violins and Matt Dougherty for his artwork. I've learned a lot from listening and watching Prall and King produce each of these songs with ideas I would have never come up with on my own. I hope you enjoy these tunes as much as I do. 


I can't believe it's been 16 years of performing shows with theShoeshine Boy Production crew. They will be celebrating their 16th Anniversary on May 7th at The Double Door in Chicago. We are honored to be a part of an incredible line up of musicians: SoulfixEven the JackalsCardinal Harbor & Tanks & Guns We'll need to bring our rock show out for this one!