GET IT OR FORGET IT - Live at eTown / by Dave Howard




The indie music scene never sleeps, and we have five more great releases to share with you that demonstrate this obsession.  Let’s keep the train going.


Artist Name:  Dave Tamkin

Album Name:  Live at eTownLabel:  Self-released

Genre:  Singer-songwriter Pop

Track Listing:  1.  Bleeding Orange; 2.  Demons are You; 3.  Fly Me; 4.  Drift; 5.  Mary; 6.  Tuesday; 7.  Thoughts up Here

Publicist:  Pressed Fresh PR

Review:  With a sound somewhere between Cat Stevens and Jim Croce, Boulder’s own Dave Tamkin delivers a sweet package of musical delights.  His first track “Bleeding Orange” is about butterflies.  The remainder of the tracks are equally amazing, and there are no weak tracks on the album.  We think this one deserves to be on repeat, and we can’t stop listening over and over again, especially “Bleeding Orange,” “Fly Me,” “Drift,” “Mary,” and “Thoughts up Here.”

Recommendation:  Don’t be a fool – Get this one too!

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Artist Name:  Monsta X

Album Name:  Are you There?

Label:  Starship Entertainment

Genre:  K-Pop

Track Listing:  1.  Intro:  Are you There?; 2.  Underwater; 3.  Shoot Out; 4.  Heart Attack; 5.  I Do Love U; 6.  Mohae; 7.  Oh My; 8.  Myself; 9.  By my Side; 10.  Spotlight (Korean version)

Publicist:  Gramophone Media

Review:  Boy bands never went away, they just moved to Asia and became K-Pop.  On the other hand, although technically a “boy band”, Monsta X is so much more, combining elements of EDM, PBR&B, Latin rhythm, trap, rock, along with their signature English and Korean sound to keep the listener on their toes.  Not only is their second album a stand-out, but the band is making history by becoming the first K-Pop band to ever play the main stage at the annual KIIS FM Jingle Ball concert, performing on November 30.  We only wish we could be there to watch them shine.  If you are in LA, their performance alone would be worth the price of admission.

Recommendation:  Definitely Get this one and put it on repeat.


Artist Name:  Calvin Arsenia

Album Name:  Cantaloupe

Label:  Big City Records/Bulleseye Records

Genre:  Jazz/Soul

Track Listing:  1.  Headlights; 2.  Tip Toe; 3.  Equally; 4.  Back to You; 5.  Toxic; 6.  Doomed; 7.  The Game; 8.  Palaces; 9.  Poseidon; 10.  Cantaloupe

Publicist:  Effective Immediately PR

Review:  Calvin Arsenia is a harpist, singer and multi-instrumentalist from Kansas City who is not satisfied to just play music.  His goal is to transform the listener, while educating them on how to find themselves in the midst of people that want to run their life.  He does this by merging jazz, soul, folk, classical and pop music, creating a sound that Atwood Magazine calls “vibrant, soul-tinged alternative folk,” doing for the harp what Lindsay Sterling has done for the violin.  His voice is smooth, much like John Legend, and this sound will electrify your senses, whether he’s doing one of his originals like his first single, “Headlights” or totally re-creating an amazing cover like Brittney Spears‘ “Toxic.”  This one is going on repeat, especially that amazing title track that closes this masterpiece collection.

Recommendation:  Run don’t walk and Get this one!

Artist Name:  Lost in Japan

Album Name Lost in Japan

Label:  Self-released

Genre:  Indie Rock

Track Listing:  1.  Lighthouse; 2.  Fake Answers; 3.  Message in the Stars; 4.  For Your Heart; 5.  Good for Now; 6.  Orpheus; 7.  Never was You; 8.  Chasing Time; 9.  Waves; 10.  Don’t Want to let Go; 11.  Passing Through; 12.  Lighthouse pt II

Publicist:  Auteur Research

Review:  This Canadian band has everything they need to make it on the American music scene – amazing vocals, well written songs, perfect musical accompaniment, great guitars, and a chemistry that is palpable.  If you like the music of Maroon 5, then you will love these guys.  From the first notes of “Lighthouse,” you can feel the greatness bubbling up, and it continues to build until the last note of the album.  Although the entire album is amazing, we really loved the sound of “Fake Answers,” “Message in the Stars,” “Good for Now,” “Orpheus,” “Chasing Time,” “Waves,” and “Passing Through.”

Recommendation:  Jump on this train while you still can – they are definitely going places.

Artist Name:  Dustin Tebbutt

Album Name:  Chasing Gold

Label:  Narvik Records

Genre:  Singer-songwriter Pop

Track Listing:  1.  Satellite; 2.  Chasing Gold; 3.  Satellite II; 4.  Love is Blind; 5.  All Your Love; 6.  Innerbloom (ft Lisa Mitchell); 7.  Atlas in Your Eyes (for Jasper Jones)

Publicist:  AntiFragile Music

Review:  Dustin Tebbutt is Australia’s version of the UK’s Ed Sheeran,   He has that same haunting vibe to his voice, with well-crafted lyrical content and perfect and simple accompaniment that highlights the vocals.  The title cut is Top 40 worthy, and his library should be a staple on American radio stations.  These songs would also work well for placement in film and television, as they have a sweeping cinematic sound, especially the second half of the title track.  Other amazing tracks include “Love is Blind,” “All Your Love,” the amazing duet with Lisa Mitchell on “Innerbloom,” and “Atlas in Your Eyes.”

Recommendation:  Make this one a priority and Get it soon.