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Over five songs, and a mere 17 minutes of playtime, Boulder by way of Chicago songwriter Dave Tamkin puts forth a collection of tracks that are sophisticated, easy-listening and radio friendly. Full review HERE

- Marquee Magazine


In regards to the the new 2017 EP, the recordings themselves sound great, enjoying the tunes!   Nice.  I dig the mix of Dave expanding sound-wise, but still holding onto elements of the Dave Tamkin signatures here and there.  Demons might be my favorite.  Some nice lyrics.  

- Bryan Adamick of The Struggs


Chicago-born and living in Boulder, Co., Dave Tamkin releases his first set of songs in 5 years with an EP called Cedar. Dave Tamkin continues to establish himself as a growing indie-roots songwriter with a fresh sense of instrumentation, voice, and energy.


I’ve had it on repeat for a week and can declare it the best collection of local tunes I’ve heard in quite some time.

- Stubborn Sounds


Tamkin has developed a unique style that has converted an acoustic guitar into an eclectic collection of unique sounds that I have never experienced.

- Marquee Magazine