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The new studio version of "Bleeding Orange" comes out on Tuesday, June 4th but you can jump on the pre-order on iTunes HERE

 I wrote the lyrics to "Bleeding Orange" at The CrucibleRecording Studio in Boulder, CO as my friend Tim King worked on different beats, chord progressions and samples. He flew in from his home town of Cedar Rapids, IA where he recorded and co-produced my last studio EP with Dick Prall.

While placing the finishing touches on "Bleeding Orange" we asked Dick Prall to come back and add his magic. It didn't take long for him to start recording himself inhaling into the microphone to mimic butterfly wings. I'm truly grateful to work with both of these talented musicians & songwriters. 
A special thanks to Tyler Stück for playing and supplying a bunch of ideas on drums, to Vince Di Pasquale at for mastering this puppy and to my good friend Ted “Tedbanger” Mielas for designing the artwork! You can read more on the song HERE from PRESSED FRESH PR

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This one-hour program generally features Colorado musicians, intertwining interviews and music on KRFC 88.9 in Fort Collins. This morning, MON May 20th, I'll be driving up from Boulder to play from 12-1pm MST. You can stream it live here at
I hope you tune in and support this awesome radio station. 


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This will be the first summer I'm sticking close to Colorado in the 10+ years that we've lived out here. I look forward to taking this time to write some new tunes with my friends, take on some epic hikes, work my way to running a half marathon and finding time to do absolutly nothing. When I'm not doing all of that, I hope you'll join us for some upcoming gigs listed below. More shows to be announce after Memorial Day! Have a great week and thank you for the continued support! :) 

Fri, MAY 24 Tandem Bar Denver, CO FREE
Sat, JULY 6th St. Julian Boulder, CO FREE
Sat, JULY 13th Gribeb Bart Brewery, Longmont, CO FREE
Fri, JULY 19th Jameston Merc, Boulder, CO : DT&CO.
Fri, JUL 26 Swing Station Laporte, CO TICKETS
Sat, JUL 27 The Walnut Room Denver, CO TICKETS : DT&CO.
Fri, NOV 8 The Black Rose Acoustic Society
Colorado Springs, CO TICKETS

Tickets for the Midwest tour can be found at

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GET IT OR FORGET IT - Live at eTown by Dave Howard




The indie music scene never sleeps, and we have five more great releases to share with you that demonstrate this obsession.  Let’s keep the train going.


Artist Name:  Dave Tamkin

Album Name:  Live at eTownLabel:  Self-released

Genre:  Singer-songwriter Pop

Track Listing:  1.  Bleeding Orange; 2.  Demons are You; 3.  Fly Me; 4.  Drift; 5.  Mary; 6.  Tuesday; 7.  Thoughts up Here

Publicist:  Pressed Fresh PR

Review:  With a sound somewhere between Cat Stevens and Jim Croce, Boulder’s own Dave Tamkin delivers a sweet package of musical delights.  His first track “Bleeding Orange” is about butterflies.  The remainder of the tracks are equally amazing, and there are no weak tracks on the album.  We think this one deserves to be on repeat, and we can’t stop listening over and over again, especially “Bleeding Orange,” “Fly Me,” “Drift,” “Mary,” and “Thoughts up Here.”

Recommendation:  Don’t be a fool – Get this one too!

Originally Posted HERE:


Artist Name:  Monsta X

Album Name:  Are you There?

Label:  Starship Entertainment

Genre:  K-Pop

Track Listing:  1.  Intro:  Are you There?; 2.  Underwater; 3.  Shoot Out; 4.  Heart Attack; 5.  I Do Love U; 6.  Mohae; 7.  Oh My; 8.  Myself; 9.  By my Side; 10.  Spotlight (Korean version)

Publicist:  Gramophone Media

Review:  Boy bands never went away, they just moved to Asia and became K-Pop.  On the other hand, although technically a “boy band”, Monsta X is so much more, combining elements of EDM, PBR&B, Latin rhythm, trap, rock, along with their signature English and Korean sound to keep the listener on their toes.  Not only is their second album a stand-out, but the band is making history by becoming the first K-Pop band to ever play the main stage at the annual KIIS FM Jingle Ball concert, performing on November 30.  We only wish we could be there to watch them shine.  If you are in LA, their performance alone would be worth the price of admission.

Recommendation:  Definitely Get this one and put it on repeat.


Artist Name:  Calvin Arsenia

Album Name:  Cantaloupe

Label:  Big City Records/Bulleseye Records

Genre:  Jazz/Soul

Track Listing:  1.  Headlights; 2.  Tip Toe; 3.  Equally; 4.  Back to You; 5.  Toxic; 6.  Doomed; 7.  The Game; 8.  Palaces; 9.  Poseidon; 10.  Cantaloupe

Publicist:  Effective Immediately PR

Review:  Calvin Arsenia is a harpist, singer and multi-instrumentalist from Kansas City who is not satisfied to just play music.  His goal is to transform the listener, while educating them on how to find themselves in the midst of people that want to run their life.  He does this by merging jazz, soul, folk, classical and pop music, creating a sound that Atwood Magazine calls “vibrant, soul-tinged alternative folk,” doing for the harp what Lindsay Sterling has done for the violin.  His voice is smooth, much like John Legend, and this sound will electrify your senses, whether he’s doing one of his originals like his first single, “Headlights” or totally re-creating an amazing cover like Brittney Spears‘ “Toxic.”  This one is going on repeat, especially that amazing title track that closes this masterpiece collection.

Recommendation:  Run don’t walk and Get this one!

Artist Name:  Lost in Japan

Album Name Lost in Japan

Label:  Self-released

Genre:  Indie Rock

Track Listing:  1.  Lighthouse; 2.  Fake Answers; 3.  Message in the Stars; 4.  For Your Heart; 5.  Good for Now; 6.  Orpheus; 7.  Never was You; 8.  Chasing Time; 9.  Waves; 10.  Don’t Want to let Go; 11.  Passing Through; 12.  Lighthouse pt II

Publicist:  Auteur Research

Review:  This Canadian band has everything they need to make it on the American music scene – amazing vocals, well written songs, perfect musical accompaniment, great guitars, and a chemistry that is palpable.  If you like the music of Maroon 5, then you will love these guys.  From the first notes of “Lighthouse,” you can feel the greatness bubbling up, and it continues to build until the last note of the album.  Although the entire album is amazing, we really loved the sound of “Fake Answers,” “Message in the Stars,” “Good for Now,” “Orpheus,” “Chasing Time,” “Waves,” and “Passing Through.”

Recommendation:  Jump on this train while you still can – they are definitely going places.

Artist Name:  Dustin Tebbutt

Album Name:  Chasing Gold

Label:  Narvik Records

Genre:  Singer-songwriter Pop

Track Listing:  1.  Satellite; 2.  Chasing Gold; 3.  Satellite II; 4.  Love is Blind; 5.  All Your Love; 6.  Innerbloom (ft Lisa Mitchell); 7.  Atlas in Your Eyes (for Jasper Jones)

Publicist:  AntiFragile Music

Review:  Dustin Tebbutt is Australia’s version of the UK’s Ed Sheeran,   He has that same haunting vibe to his voice, with well-crafted lyrical content and perfect and simple accompaniment that highlights the vocals.  The title cut is Top 40 worthy, and his library should be a staple on American radio stations.  These songs would also work well for placement in film and television, as they have a sweeping cinematic sound, especially the second half of the title track.  Other amazing tracks include “Love is Blind,” “All Your Love,” the amazing duet with Lisa Mitchell on “Innerbloom,” and “Atlas in Your Eyes.”

Recommendation:  Make this one a priority and Get it soon.

The Music Butcher : Dave Tamkin – “Live at eTown” by Dave Howard


Dave Tamkin – “Live at eTown”


Dave Tamkin is a singer/songwriter currently based in Boulder, Colorado. He has created his own unique style of rhythmic-acoustic sounds. His shows vary from intimate solo acoustic performances to a full band experience (dBsound.Co) encapsulating a mixture of personal lyrics and skilled songwriting set against a high-energy percussive backbone. He’s shared the stage with Guster, The Samples, Brendan James, Rusted Root, Donavon Frankenreiter, Butch Walker, Freddy Jones Band, Eric Hutchinson, Willy Porter, The Violent Femmes, Peter Mulvey, and many more. In October of 2018, Tamkin released the EP “Live at eTown” recorded live at eTown Hallin Boulder. To support the album he is currently on tour all over the Midwest through the month of November.

dave tamkin the music butcher interview

The first track on “Live at eTown”“Bleeding Orange”, begins with rhythmic guitar that has an emotional and somewhat spooky atmosphere. The track steadily gains momentum and reaches a powerful energy, setting the tone for the rest of the EP. “Demons and You” has a funky groove that lays a foundation for the touching melody and impassioned vocal performance. 

Tamkin shows off his technical guitar chops in the beginning of “Fly Me” before settling into the bouncy melody. He knows when to keep it simple to give the music more power in its quiet moments. The tone shifts to a more serious flavor while his acoustic guitar sparks with energetic notes. “Drift” has a punchy quality that subtly drives forward as his smooth vocals lead the way. The contrast between the quiet verses and the explosive chorus show the songwriters ability to play with musical dynamics.

He returns to a heavenly vibe with “Mary” and emotional story telling song that has characteristics of classic Americana blended with Tamkin’s own personal style. He layers guitars with ethereal tones that add aggressiveness to the soft beauty of the song. The guitar on “Tuesday” returns to the percussive style, adding a popping rhythm to the poignant vocals, there is also a stunning harmonica solo that gives the song an authentic folk feel. 

“Thoughts Up Here” kicks up the intensity with a high energy guitar plucking away in a minor key. The song grabs you and takes you on a forceful journey with the guitars becoming more experimental and bringing the sound to a new world. The “Live at eTown” EP is full of personal lyrics, displays of technical instrumentation and an original product delivered with honesty and purity. You can listen to “Live at eTown” and follow Dave Tamkin on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Dave and share this music with everyone you know.

303 Magazine's Five Up-and-Coming Denver Artists by Dave Howard


I’m in great company with 303 Magazine’s monthly series on new Colorado Music. Check out the bands below and make sure to follow them all! - Cheers, Dave

Welcome to our monthly series on new Colorado music. Every month we highlight five local musicians, five local music videos and five local songs. Go here to check out previous entries to the series. Are you a Denver artist with fresh music you would like us to check out? Send to for consideration.

Welcome to November, the weather might be deciding that it’s finally time to cool down but the music scene here in Denver definitely is not. With Red Rocks season ending, we in the music world could use a little pick me up. Here are some of the coolest hits this month.

Five Up-and-Coming Local Artists

Davey Daydream

Listen if you like Dirty Heads

Photo courtesy of Davey Daydream Facebook

CU Boulder grad Davey Daydream blends acoustic guitar and hip-hop style beats to create a great backing for his lyrics. The songs come across incredibly catchy with creative lyrics and the beat to get your head bouncing while you work. This young artist uses his lyrics to tell stories that seem to come directly from personal experiences.

Knuckle Pups

Listen if you like Of Monsters and Men

Photo courtesy of Knuckle Pups

Knuckle Pups has taken the Americana sound and somehow managed to add depth. Their vocals harmonize in a way not often found. In their newest album, the band flows from ballad to upbeat danceable songs and does everything in between flawlessly.

Dave Tamkin

Listen if you like Coldplay

Photo courtesy of Dave Tamkin Facebook

Smooth melodies with powerful lyrics and moving beats are what Dave Tamkin is all about. The songs flow between slow and upbeat with multiple builds throughout. Tamkin’s emotion-filled vocals ring throughout the albums telling stories fueled by inspiration and hope.

Ground Broken

Listen if you like The Knowmads

Photo courtesy of Ground Broken on Facebook

Denver grown hip-hop group Ground Broken’s musical style hails to some of the greats to do it before them. The simple beats reflect inspiration from back to Wu-Tang and other early influencers in the genre. The duo makes music great for hanging around with buddies or going to the gym, it all depends on how you hear it.

Elder Grown

Listen if you like Fruition

Photo courtesy of Elder Grown website

Hot off their recent album release, Elder Grown is funking their way to the main stage. The group is creating a name for themselves on the local jam band scene with their jazz-influenced style. Their group includes saxophone which can sound amazing soloing over classic jams.

Read more about Denver’s Local Music Scene HERE

Essential 8: Dave Tamkin by Dave Howard

Dave Tamkin The Daily Country

Colorado singer-songwriter Dave Tamkin recently released his new album, Live at eTOWN, a seven-song collection that showcases his unique rhythmic-acoustic style and unabashedly honest lyrics in a space where he performs best: a live setting. Ahead of a busy November, Tamkin kindly took the time to answer his Essential 8 where he spoke about the album, offer up some touring tips, let us in on his favorite audio books, discuss failure as success, and more.

Why did you choose to anchor the album with the songs you did?
I wasn’t aware that this Live at eTown EP was being recorded at the time of the performance. A friend told me later that eTown records all their shows. So out of the 10 + songs I performed that night, these 7 songs were the ones I was most proud of. I was able to introduce a new song while rounding out songs from the last two releases. I felt good on stage that night and the audience supported me with every song. I’m proud of the performance and wanted to share it. I hope people can feel like they were right there when they listen to it and connect with the songs.

What’s the best advice you have ever gotten from another musician?
“Slow down and I can’t understand what you’re saying.” It’s two things that multiple musicians have told me over the years. Ha! When I was living in Chicago the music I played was always competing against a bar audience. Yes, they were there to support us and have a great time but it wasn’t so much about the songs as it was about the groove and getting people into the party atmosphere. That could have been self-imposed but it’s what influenced me a lot. Play fast and ask questions later. As my surroundings changed in Colorado, I met more songwriters that played at venues that allowed a pin drop to be heard between verses and choruses. The listening audiences influenced me to be clear with my lyrics and to slow down. Hopefully it’s made me a better songwriter.

What’s the best advice to give to a musician just starting out?
Never stop creating or learning how to be better at your art. Play something new every day. Sing something new every day. Learn your favorite songs. Take time to journal when you are not playing or singing. If you never stop learning and creating, your ego won't have time to take over.

How do you kill the long hours in the van?
Audio books and Podcasts like it’s my job! Autobiographies, Biographies, Freakonomics, Tim Ferris, Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art (Listen to it often) I tried to stay inspired by learning new shit and it also gives me ideas for stories in between songs when I get to the next town.

 Do you have any touring tips?


Live @ eTown EP Released OCT 1st by Dave Howard

Dave Tamkin’s new LIVE at eTown captures an honest, solo acoustic performance recorded this year at eTown Hall in Boulder, Colorado. A compilation of songs that tell stories of desire, inspiration, loss, love & addiction. Dave Tamkin’s percussive, heartfelt performance steals you into eTown Hall and produces a feeling as though were standing alongside him on stage.

I opened a show at eTown in Boulder, Colorado this last May. Without a doubt it was one of my best on-stage experiences in years. eTown’s engineers were on point, I was surrounded by friends, my Colorado family and an audience that was truly gracious throughout my set. I left the stage feeling like I had found my home again."

A few weeks later I was told that eTown records the audio to all the shows. I found a few tracks that I’m proud to share with you.

Around this same time I came across some artwork from my friend Jim Olson who lives in Chicago. I loved his digital picture of a girl and her dog, relaxed while traveling wherever the wind carried them over an endless sea. I hope to feel this way with music as I, once again, climb on board the adventurous journey it provides.

A special thanks to Timothy King of GMIXEAST in Cedar Rapids, IA for doing the mix, master and piecing the songs together!

Jim Olson is a graphic designer born and raised in Chicago. Illustrating from an early age, he moved into any creative field he could including song writing, cooking, and design. Recently he has begun his foray back into fine art for personal enjoyment. This resurgence has stoked the fire and provided a platform to apply what he has learned to create current works.

Instagram: @olsonofthewood

Always Fun with Sofar Sounds by Dave Howard

I recently played Sofar Sounds Denver. Their crew is always fun and makes you feel right at home. The audience is engaging and attentive and made me feel like I time traveled from the first chord of song 1 to the last chord of song 4. If you ever have a chance to see a Sofar Sounds show in your city, don't pass it up! Thank you to Artists:  The Milk Blossoms, Stevie Wolf
Host: Jim and Lisa Goldsworthy and Photos By: Nikki A. Rae Photography

Daphne Willis & Dave Tamkin @ eTown Hall Friday, May 18th by Dave Howard

Daphne Willis - eTown

Homevibe & eTown present Daphne Willis w/ Dave Tamkin

  • WHEN: May 18, 2018 TIME: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  • WHERE: eTOWN HALL / 1535 Spruce Street, Boulder, CO 80302
  • COST: $20 - $40 Plus Applicable Service Fees
  • SHARE:

Purchase Tickets

Daphne Willis



Collaborating across multiple genres ranging from Roots-Rock and Pop to Hip Hop and Electronic Dance Music, classifying Daphne Willis in musical terms is no easy task. With infectious melodies delivered with lyrical precision and honesty, the songs and performances of Daphne Willis are sincere, compelling and relevant.

Raised in Chicago, Daphne now calls Nashville, TN home and cites influences as varied as Elvis Costello and Michael Jackson, but her musical output cleverly incorporates such inspirations into a style that is refreshing and contemporary in a way that suits her songs best.

With over 1,000 shows under her belt over the past several years, Daphne has been spreading her music to passionate fans across the United States. Her infectious personality combined with her incredible talent caught the eyes and ears of Sony/ATV Music Publishing in early 2016 who quickly signed Daphne to a worldwide publishing agreement. This partnership has resulted in several of her songs being recorded by other artists and used in Commercial, Film and TV productions such as One Tree Hill, Empire and a Microsoft Ad Campaign.

Dave Tamkin



Singer/Songwriter, Dave Tamkin, currently resides in Boulder, CO. He has created his own unique style of rhythmic-acoustic sounds that's based around a fresh musical vision. His shows vary from intimate solo acoustic performances to a full band experience (dBsound.Co) encapsulating a mixture of personal lyrics and skilled songwriting set against a high-energy percussive backbone. He's shared the stage with Guster, The Samples, Brendan James, Rusted Root, Donavon Frankenreiter, Butch Walker, Freddy Jones Band, Eric Hutchinson, Willy Porter, The Violent Femmes, and Peter Mulvey to name a few. Tamkin has a style that's hard to resist. His lyrics are unabashedly honest and his passion for playing is undying.

Videos That Matter & "Mary" by Dave Howard

On average, 115 Americans die each day from an opioid overdose. Through a harm reduction model, there are ways to decrease that number. Videos That Matter made a new video that tells the story of how someone can choose one of those ways and save a life. "Mary" is featured as the soundtrack behind this video. Start the conversation.

September East Coast Tour by Dave Howard

Thank you to everyone that came out to the shows on this last tour from Denver to New York and back. I look forward to making my way back out there in April and visiting some of the towns that I missed due to hurricane Irma. A special thanks to the City Winery. I have yet to play a City Winery stage but it was nice to get an invite to play in their basement cellar in New York. Check out the video below or the whole session HERE

I also had the opportunity to play a daytrotter session on my way back home through Davenport, IA. Or Dave-N-Port, IA. They recently added a video session as well. You can check out me talking to a room full of just Andrew HERE. The recording will be added to daytrotter in November. I'll keep ya posted. 

Sep 29 : Dick's Tap and Shake Room : Cedar Rapids, IA

Sep 28 : The Jitney : Monicello, IA

Sep 28 : daytrotter: Dave-N-Port, IA

Sep 23 : Danbury Artisans Street Fair : Danbury, CT

Sep 22 : Olive's : Nyack, NY

Sep 20 : Rockwood Music Hall : New York, NY

Sep 16 : Shrimp & Grits Fest : Jekyll Island, GA

Sep 15 : Shrimp & Grits Fest : Jekyll Island, GA

Sep 14 : Red Light Cafe : Atlanta, GA

Sep 13 : Red Clay Music Foundry : Duluth, GA

Sep 10 : San Loo : St Louis, MO

Sep 09 : Barley Street Tavern : Omaha, NE

Videos that Matter by Dave Howard

I had the honor of being invited to open for SHEL this last week in support of CoreVeritas at The Downtown Artery in Fort Collins, CO. The event showcased "Videos that Matter", an initiative to collaborate with songwriters and video to raise awareness around difficult conversations about critical issues that impact our individual well-being and our communities overall. Topics of conversation include everything from teen pregnancy, depression, self-deprecation and suicide. You can watch SHEL's video on facing FEAR below. My song, Demons and You was released today. 

Please check out the CoreVeritas, both videos, and the pics!

You can donate to Videos That Matter HERE!

Check out SHEL's New Album : Just Crazy Enough on iTUNES HERE! 


DTCO plays The Double Door, Chicago IL on NOV 25th by Dave Howard

Double Door & SwizzleSteve Welcome...

Austin Fillmore

with Murley * DTCO * Harvey Fox

November 25

8:00 pm

$10 ADV / $15 DOS

This show is 21+ w/ Valid State or Federal ID

Austin Fillmore

Austin Fillmore grew up in the Chicagoland area, spending time in suburbia as well as the west side of Chicago. Music was always an intense passion of his but it wasn’t until he was in 7th grade that he began rapping. His first experience with the art was in his school cafeteria with an audience of his peers. The thrill of performing live led him to doing shows around Chicago and he got his name from the cross streets Austin & Fillmore where he had his first apartment..After he began working with long time friends and producers 12 tone and Hank Iving he started recording music and dropped his first LP “Anglishh” in February 2014. He later dropped his sophomore project entitled “Sinful Nature” on September 14th 2015 which brought him alot of attention..his third tape “Hear & Now” is set to release in April 2016 with Running Sh%t (Owl Wanted) being the first single off that project..


Murley’s music has been featured in independent films, podcasts, station IDs, and on the area’s largest FM radio station 93.1 WXRT. All members hail from the northwest suburbs, and come from families with rich musical histories. Murley has been a part of the Chicago music scene since 2005, performing at nearly every city venue and countless city festivals in the Chicagoland area. Guitarists Scott Burdsall and Ryan Curtis, drummer David Wilson, and bassist Herf Yamaya have played hundreds of shows over the 10 year history of the band, and many more as regular gigging musicians on the scene.


The DTCO line up will be:

Bryan Sansom : Drums

Kevin Mileski : Keys, Vocals (

Wes John Cichos : Guitar, Sax, Vocals (

Dave Tamkin : Acoustic, Vocals (



Harvey Fox

Four indie rockers from Chicago partying for the sad kids.


Denver Oktoberfest, Henriksen Amps, Chicago Update by Dave Howard

Mary @ Schubas

Happy first day of Fall everyone! As we're getting ready to release some new songs before the end of the year, I thought I'd share some live performances of songs we've released so far. Special thanks to Dick Prall and Kristina Priceman of DICKIE for jumping on stage with me for a few tunes at our Schubas Show earlier this month. You can watch a video of Mary HERE. Thank you to Jordan Walker for filming it! 

Brad Huffman and Brian McRae will be joining me on Saturday, OCT 1st at Denver's Oktoberfest. We play from 7-9pm and hope you can join us for a stein or two. More details HERE  Get there early for great performances by Anthony Ruptak and  Poet's Row!

I recently picked up a new amp for my acoustic. It's not only the size of a lunch box that fits under an airplane seat, it's louder and more balanced than my 15" Roland Keyboard Amp! The guys over at Henriksen Amps invited Brad Huffman and I to play a concert at their factory on OCT 14thin Arvada, CO. Check out the amps HERE and the details on the show HERE!

The next DTCO show will consist of Bryan Sansom and I joined by Kevin Mileski and Wes Cichosz in Chicago! I'll wait until next week to announce this puppy!

Have a great week everyone! - Dave

Thank You DICKIE
You Can Watch HERE
Brad Huffman & Dave Tamkin play
the Factory Stage on OCT 14th
Looking for New Tunes? Check outThe Speedbumps!

Love Hope Strength Single Releases June 15th! by Dave Howard

Hey Everyone! I'm happy and proud to release Love Hope Strength today.  Thank you to everyone for all the downloads and additional donations that are coming in via iTunes & Bandcamp. I've included the press release that went out two weeks ago below. Please continue to spread the word as we can already see that a little help can go a long way!

- Dave Tamkin


­­­­Contact:               Dave Howard







Date:                     June 3, 2016


Songwriter Dave Tamkin Donates 100% of Online Sales from New Single

to Charity Love Hope Strength  


(Boulder, CO) - On June 15th veteran singer songwriter Dave Tamkin releases his third single in three months Love Hope Strength. This song was written to honor all the dedicated and selfless people who have given up a little piece of themselves to support the leading rock and roll cancer foundation You can pre-order the song today on iTunes and Bandcamp.

To help bring awareness to the Love Hope Strength Foundation, all online sales of Love Hope Strength will be donated to the organization. Dave wrote this song two years ago while losing someone very close to him to cancer. He partnered with singer songwriter Kevin Mileski of Chicago to finish the song as he had recently lost a loved one to cancer as well. Kevin’s vocals can also be found on the track along with Gina Gonzalez who toured internationally with Gary Sinise and The Lt. Dan Band.

This collaboration of the song started over a year ago with award winning, recording engineer and producer Elliot Hunt in Boulder, Colorado.  Elliot enlisted the help of lifelong friend Kip Kuepper of Coupe Studios in Boulder to play bass along with world renowned drummer Shawn Pelton. Pelton plays drums in the Saturday Night Live band and has played on several Grammy winning albums. Dave Tamkin also worked on Love Hope Strength with Tim King at Crown Studios in Cedar Rapids, IA, who brought his unique style and instrumentation to the project. Artwork was contributed by Denver’s own magical Matt Dougherty

Love Hope Strength (LHS) is now firmly established as the world’s leading rock and roll cancer foundation. The organization, co-founded by Mike Peters and James Chippendale, was created in 2007 and registered as a charity in 2008. Mike is a 3-time cancer survivor and an internationally acclaimed singer for the Welsh rock band The Alarm. James, a fellow cancer survivor, is a respected insurance executive specializing in the music industry. Together they had the vision that LHS could literally, “Save lives, one concert at a time!”

For more information or questions please contact Dave Howard at


New Single Love Hope Strength Gives Back! by Dave Howard

Love Hope Strength Releases Everywhere on June 15th!
Pre-Order it here today and give back to
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Love Hope Strength

If you haven't heard of you should check them out right now. They are known as the world's leading rock and roll cancer foundation. I started writing this song two years ago while losing someone close to me to cancer. I asked Kevin Mileski to help me finish it as he had recently lost someone close to cancer as well. 

With your help, we would like to give all online proceeds of this song back to
You can pre-order it HERE from iTunes or go straight to to download and donate right now. This song will be available everywhere June 15th.

Regardless if you dig this song or not, please consider donating to the Love Hope Strength Foundation HERE. I know you will change someone's life if you do.

I'd also like to give a special thanks to Elliot Hunt and Tim King for their recording and producing genius. Gina Gonzalez & Kevin Mileski for their golden vocals. Kip Kuepper for his unique low end. Shawn Pelton for his time and drum expertise. And Matt Dougherty for his artistic eye. I would especially like to thank you for helping me spread the word on this project. Together we can give some love, hope and strength to everyone.

Homevibe Presents 10 Years

I've only been helping with their marketing efforts for the last few years. Over that time, they have welcomed me as part of their family and as a songwriter as well. I'm proud to be a part of this unbelievable line up of artists on June 10th at the Walnut Room! If you are in the Denver area, please come celebrate with us! Tickets HERE! 

Love Hope Strength
June 15th!
You can Pre-Order HERE today! 
Get Your Tickets for the
Homevibe Presents 10 Year Anniversary HERE
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Don't Miss This Show Chicago! 

Come celebrate 16 years of shows with Shoeshine Boy Productions on Saturday, May 7th @ The Double Door in Chicago! 

There will be a surprise treat (food related) at midnight as well as complimentary beer. red bull, and vodka drinks from 8pm to 9pm for advance ticket holders ONLY.
Get your tickets HERE today and tell your peeps!


Hugh Sung recently interviewed me on his podcast, A Musical Life. It not only helped promote Mary but he also gave me a tremendous shout out on our work together at AirTurn & A Musical Life. He is a brilliant musician, teacher and marketing professional. 

I can't thank Hugh Sung enough for giving me the opportunities to become a better marketeer and allow me to be creative in another field. I hope you enjoy the interview and take some time to listen to others. Gregory Alan Isakov is a favorite of mine. 


There will be a surprise treat (food related) at midnight as well as complimentary beer. red bull, and vodka drinks from 8pm to 9pm for advance ticket holders ONLY. Get your tickets today!

We're planning on selling this puppy out! Buy your tickets for the Shoeshine Boy Production's 16th Anniversary Show above and we'll send you the hard tickets straight to your home with some CEDAR stickers and a thank you note sprayed with Bryan's cologne! We're having a friendly competition with all the other bands to see who can sell the most. Winning band gets a private comedy show from the one and only Paul Farahvar in Vegas!

Another year has passed and Chicago's Premiere Music Management Company is ready to party with some of Chicago's finest music:

Tanks & Guns
Tanks & Guns is comprised of two best friends that grew up in the Chicago music scene. They were former members of The Delivery Boys, Satellites and Action Dallas.

Cardinal Harbor
Cardinal Harbor is just music.

Even The Jackals
Formed in 2010, Even the Jackals had multiple incarnations. With the addition of songstress Danielle, the four bring an original mix of roaring guitar and soulful singing to the Chicago music scene.

Heavy original 90's melodic rock.