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With a rhythmic guitar line strewn with distorted bass to let you know this will be a grave topic, Tamkin builds up to the soaring “I learned to fly just to find my way home.”  In a unique blend of monarch butterfly migration set to a Petty-esque vocal and song styles, “Bleeding Orange” will touch your wounded,  driving soul.  As we all strive for something beautiful, and while just as often we unexpectedly collide into a proverb windshield, this incredibly original song will be universally resonant.

-Americana Highways

With a sound somewhere between Cat Stevens and Jim Croce, Boulder’s own Dave Tamkin delivers a sweet package of musical delights.  His first track “Bleeding Orange” is about butterflies.  The remainder of the tracks are equally amazing, and there are no weak tracks on the album.  We think this one deserves to be on repeat, and we can’t stop listening over and over again, especially “Bleeding Orange,” “Fly Me,” “Drift,” “Mary,” and “Thoughts up Here.”

- Indie Voice Blog

Smooth melodies with powerful lyrics and moving beats are what Dave Tamkin is all about. The songs flow between slow and upbeat with multiple builds throughout. Tamkin’s emotion-filled vocals ring throughout the Live at eTown album telling stories fueled by inspiration and hope.

- 303 Magazine

Over five songs, and a mere 17 minutes of playtime, Boulder by way of Chicago songwriter Dave Tamkin puts forth a collection of tracks that are sophisticated, easy-listening and radio friendly. Full review HERE

- Marquee Magazine


In regards to the the new 2017 EP, the recordings themselves sound great, enjoying the tunes!   Nice.  I dig the mix of Dave expanding sound-wise, but still holding onto elements of the Dave Tamkin signatures here and there.  Demons might be my favorite.  Some nice lyrics.  

- Bryan Adamick of The Struggs


Chicago-born and living in Boulder, Co., Dave Tamkin releases his first set of songs in 5 years with an EP called Cedar. Dave Tamkin continues to establish himself as a growing indie-roots songwriter with a fresh sense of instrumentation, voice, and energy. 

I’ve had it on repeat for a week and can declare it the best collection of local tunes I’ve heard in quite some time.

- Stubborn Sounds


Tamkin has developed a unique style that has converted an acoustic guitar into an eclectic collection of unique sounds that I have never experienced.

- Marquee Magazine

His new EP showcases the unique rhythmic-acoustic style and honest lyrics that Tamkin is known for, in a space where he performs best: a live setting.

- KSNB Local 4 News : Hasting, NE


Dawn Jones